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Oct 8, 2012 11:00pm EDT
or became. um, the big issue, the big change began in 1980, of course, with the election of ronald reagan because ronald reagan brought with him to washington, um, a very underrated figure in recent american history, someone who i don't think gets his due as an important person, and that's edwin meese. because edwin meese at first as an adviser and then as attorney general said, look, there has been a liberal ayen da at the supreme court -- agenda at the supreme court, there needs to be a conservative agenda at the supreme court. what was that agenda? expand executive power, end racial preferences intended to assist african-americans, speed up execution, welcome religion into the public sphere and, above all, um, reverse roe v. wade and allow states once again to ban abortion. a big part of the reagan revolution, um, was the arrival in washington of a group of young and committed conservative lawyers who wanted to work in that, on behalf of that agenda. who were two of the best and brightest of that group? john roberts and samuel alito. 197 finish -- in 1985 in a memo plotting litigation
Oct 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
and in addition to that when you are president, and this is why ronald reagan lost his first debate and why president george w. bush lost his first re-election debate. when you are president, if you are barack obama, anybody has got to drill. nobody really tells you what to think and you just get used to it and that is why we saw the president almost physically taken aback as romney went at him. the romney folks, they knew months ago that the debate prep would be the manhattan project of their campaign and that was where they were going to flip a switch if they had any possibility. and we saw a romney who come his family for a long time was encouraging the campaign to let him be more himself, to be less scripted. part of it he resisted. the problem for him now, he has to do it two more times in their number of countries that will tell you one problem is you only get one sneak attack. [laughter] >> i want to apologize to any of the ambassadors that were insulted by mike allen's remark. [laughter] charlie mentioned jay leno. david letterman, one of the things that amuse me was hearing the oba
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2